MyGuide is not only the first choice when it comes to navigation, it supports many different other exciting  projects, too.

Project v300+

The fast and the liquid – MyGuide participates in the world record attempt Projekt v300+!

Projekt v300+ is a thrilling experiment to prove that liquid gas-powered vehicles are not only environment-friendly, but also powerful, fast and a lot of fun. MyGuide sponsored the successful world record trial on October 17th in 2007. A liquid gas-powered BMW was sent out to the test track in Papenburg, Germany, where it was raced under the supervision of both racing personal and scientists. Without burning conventional fossil fuels the test car reached the mind-boggling speed of 303,6 kilometers per hour! Although due to technicalities it was not announced an official world record yet, never a liquid gas-powered vehicle has run faster before. The goal of this experiment was to test high-power liquid gas engines and to revise long-established prejudices against such motor systems. MyGuide systems were used to measure and record the speed of the world record via GPS.

Lien (PDF)

MyGuide Amsterdam

The best game ever played – MyGuide is strategic partner for the MG Amsterdam basketball team

MyGuide also supports your favorite sports! For instance basketball! MyGuide is the strategic partner of the number one basketball team MG Amsterdam. The team, formerly known as Ricoh Astronauts was founded in 1995 and is proud to look back at a dynamic and successful history including the winning of the Netherlands championship title in 2004. After losing their main partner in 2005 and playing a whole season without a primary sponsor, MyGuide was announced new strategic partner and the team was renamed in MyGuide Amsterdam. With this strong new partner and various personal changes the team has high hopes for the future.

Lien (PDF)


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