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I Don't have any GPS signal when switching on the Navigation Device

Normal GPS FIX time for SirFStar III GPS chip, is 4 minutes. But mostly it will take 15 minutes to start up properly.


When connecting a TMC antenna, there's no messages coming in.

To connect to the RDS signal, which is used for TMC, it may take up to 5 minutes, to be able to connect.
Also, TMC is only available in countries where the Signal is send out for Free. Countries like, the UK, France and Italy, do not provide Free TMC Service.
Also make sure the TMC antenna, is plugged in to a power source. Otherwise it will never work.


The software doesn't start. The unit keeps hanging in the MyGuide Logo screen.

The battery is not fully charged, and cannot handle the startup of the system properly. Make sure the battery is 100% charged, before starting the device.


The software takes a long time to start up.

This is not really a problem. The bigger the internal memory, the longer it takes for the software to read it.
Also, when a large amount of map data is installed, it will take the MyGuide device longer to start.


White Image when starting

In this case, the Display driver installed on the device hung up, which causes the display to give a proper image. This can be solved by doing a reset of the device.


There's an Echo when the device gives navigation instructions.

This is caused by the interference between the microphone and the speaker. This can be solved, by turning down the volume.


Every time, the device is started, I need to set the time and date.

Correct, this device doesn't have a ‘backup' battery to store the settings. This means, that every time you switch off the device completely, or the battery drains, you need to set the date and time settings.

The Device will not charge, when connected to a car charger.

This might have something to do with the fuse inside the car charger. Check the device, and make sure the sticker says: F3AL 250V

The device doesn't start. The screen stays black or keeps hanging in the MyGuide logo.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. If not, make sure the battery is charged, and give it a reset before starting up.

The touch screen reacts very slow.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. With less power, it can take a while for the device, to respond to actions given by the user.

No GPS signal at all

Bad or no GPS signal can be caused by the following:

  • Bad weather
  • In house usage. The concrete and roof, will block the signal
  • The Car has a heat protective windshield, which blocks GPS signal as well
  • Tunnels etc …

Unit hangs up at some addresses.

A Hotfix was released for this issue: (4763 kb)

Please proceed as followed:

  • Download the maps onto your Desktop PC or Notebook, into any temporary folder.
  • Connect a SD card reader to your PC/ Notebook and insert the SD card that is in your device.
  • There are several folders on the SD card. Navigate to the folder MyGuide, and then to a sub-folder MAPS.
  • Copy & paste the Canada, Alaska & Hawaii maps from the temporary folder on your desktop into the "MyGuide\maps" folder on your SD card. It will overwrite the locked files. Do not rename or adjust any other files.
  • Insert the SD card into your MyGuide 3050 and start the navigation.




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