Privacy Policy for users of website

This privacy policy of MyGuide Holding GmbH, hereinafter called: MyGuide, with her residence at Poststra├če 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, is applicable since and updated in January 2008.

1. Status of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we handle and respect the privacy of the user of our website and what information about the visitors of the website is collected. By accessing and using this website the visitor accepts all provisions of this privacy policy. We request visitors to read the privacy policy thoroughly and to immediately leave the website and seize using it, if the visitor does not agree with the provisions of this privacy policy.

2. Purpose for collecting information

Information gathered is used to improve the website; to optimize the visitors experience on our website and to alert a visitor on interesting information or to provide quicker access to certain pages of information as well as to customise our website and other communications. It is used to allow more direct excess to returning visitors and to provide better services and develop new products and services. This is all information that is given while visiting our website or related forms of communications. These data can also be used for marketing purposes and to create statistical information for our clients and business partners. The statistics are all anonymous. Sensitive information like credit card numbers etc. is never provided to anyone and is treated strictly confidential.

We register request for customer support services of our products and our services, to unable us to be able to register a client being confronted with problems or defects more then once and to register reoccurrence of certain problem. We therefore also collect serial numbers, date of purchase and related information. A client can also be asked to provide information about himself or someone else that wants to use the product, this information is used for the fulfilment of the delivery on purchase or rendering services.

3. Nature of information collected

Now or in the future we collect or may collect information on the visitors of this website. Some of this information is personal like name, address, gender, age and email address or phone number as well as non-public information of the same kind. Other information is not personal and can not be linked to a specific individual.

Information can also be gathered through other means like market research, this serves the purpose of developing and improving products and serves to gain a better understanding of our customers. This information can include information on the use of services and products.

Data may also be gathered when traffic information or other information is requested by the use of our products. If emails are sent, these emails and all information it contains can be stored for purposes stated in these emails.

4. Cookies

Cookies are used to collect data like preferences and requests and activities on our website. A cookie is a small digital file that is placed on your hard disk to enable our server to recognize and identify your computer when you return to our site.

If you supply us with your email address or your post address, we may use it to send you occasional information on products and services as well as events organised. We will however on your first request ensure that no such information is sent, nor by email, nor by post. Such a request can be sent to the address given at the start of this privacy policy. In that case please state your exact name and address, to ensure that we know which information to remove from our data.

5. Changes Privacy Policy

In the future the way information is used or the purposes for which this is used can change in an unanticipated way. We will in that case explain these uses explicitly in a revised privacy policy, to be found on our website. Customers that object to have their information used in such new purposes can object in writing or by email. We will then honour these objections. If no objections are made, the visitor is considered to agree with such future changes if he accesses and uses this website.

6. Changes or questions on privacy

If you wish to change information given to us or held by us or if you think information may be used for other purposes than the information was given for, please let us know by email or by post. We will then change or supply the information as asked or delete the information from our files when requested, unless the information is needed for legal purposes.

7. Security

We use standard technologies to ensure safety and to prevent misuse or access by unauthorized persons. However this can not be ensured with a 100% certainty. MyGuide can not be held liable for unauthorized accessing or use of the information provided and kept. We advise to regularly change passwords and to use a reliable and secure browser.

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