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  • HD (High-Definition) video camera and photo camera in one

  • Integrated GPS to tag digital stills and movies

  • Plug the m.ictacher into PC or laptop to view your trips and find your photos and videos on a google-earth like interface


Geo-aware applications are hot topics to both the Internet community and the digital imaging industry and the m.icatcher from MyGuide is aiming firmly at the rapidly growing ‘You Tube’ generation.

MyGuide announces the m.icatcher at IFA in Berlin and the product is expected to be available in store October. Companies like DXG, Geotate and Rakon have collaborated closely with MyGuide to build a video camera that automatically tags videos with date, place and time; enabling content creators and consumers to tag, share and discover their films.

Coming soon so please watch this space!


Be on your way to the IFA 2008 in Berlin and experience MyGuide's unique vision of the future!


And the MyGuide 3218 goes to...
Join us and meet the winners of MyGuide's IFA 2008 competition.


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