These FAQs cover technical issues only. For online-shopping related questions, please refer to the webstore's support page.


When I power on my device again the time set is 12.00h and the date is 1 January 2003

The device does not have a battery to keep it at the correct time after powering off. This means that the time and date are reset when powering off. However, the navigation software synchronises the time and date automatically according to the current value as soon as the GPS position has been determined. This automatic setting is "on" by default. Wait approx. 3 minutes after the GPS position has been tracked. Afterwards the device will show the current time and date.

The device does not charge using the car charging cable. Why?

Check the fine wire fuse in the plug. The exact security type specification is "F3AL 250V".

My device does not power on. After switching on the screen remains blank or only the MyGuide logo appears on the display.

The remaining battery power is not sufficient for powering on the device. Connect the device to the power adapter/car charger and connect it to a wall outlet/the car cigarette lighter. Next, turn the device on.

The screen responds very slowly.

Make sure that the battery is charged. If the problem persists, reset the system. To do so, power the device off and back on.

The device doesn't respond any more.

Power the device off and back on.

Wrong command or response after tapping with the stylus.

Re-calibrate the touchscreen.

Bad or no GPS reception.

Make sure that the GPS antenna has clear sight to the sky. The GPS reception can be altered by the following:


How many satellite do you need for navigation?

3 and 4 are better. One satellite is then backup for an other one.


My Nav-system need more then 5minutes for a signal. I think it is faulty …

No the normal sirf-starIII-chipset specifications said that he need maximum 15 minutes.


I've no tmc-signal … what could be the problem?

No rds-traffic box are conectet
If you plugged the rds box in the system neet till 5minutes to recognized that a rds-box is plugged in.
No tmc-Signal or paid tmc-signal are only available.


I live in France and I have no tmc-signal. What could be the problem?

In this country are a paid-version and this one is not for our systems. Also is in france the free version only for some toll roads.


I put my 3000 off and if I switch it on then he lost the time. Whats going on?

There is no pufferbattery in the device and it is normal. Normaly it should be syncronize the correct time from the gps-signal.


The system is faulty, can I bring them back to the store and I want my money back …

We can't promise that you got your money back.


I see here the message »card maps are blocked« what's going on?

This cardmaps are not for your device. Inside the storage are a license and this one recognized that he accept the cardmap or not.


I see here a little RIP-stone after the card name in the info-menu. What is that? And what is the solution?

This card is currupt. Please reinstall the card map and try again.


My 4300 or my Mappy do not recognized that I pressed any button. What is the problem?

Do you switched it on ?
On the left side is a hold-shifter.


How long is the warranty period for batteries?

1 Year, or if you can read on the warranty card 6 month then is it only 6month.


I can't syncronize my 6500 xl. What can I do? What could be the problem?

No active sync is installed.
The conector is broken.


I bought my device by lidl. It is two years old and the display is broken. Have I warranty?

Normaly you've a warranty-period of 3Years. But for a broken display we want to check the device first and then we got the decission from the repair center that you got a cost estimate or nothing.


I can't put on the 4200 Series. What is the problem?

On the backside is a hardware – swith on/off.


My 3300 Series needs more then 5minutes to start the navigation software. What is the problem?

That's normal. If you've more installed cards on ypou devices then it would be slower. If you uninstall some cards then it will be faster for startup.


I can't syncronize my 4300. What is the problem?

Do you installed active sync?
Do you installed the driver from the cd?


PDA-Software MyGuide 6.0/6.1. I got the message: »No License found« What is the problem?

In this case you delete the content on the card or only the license file. We change that the first time under warranty but for the second or third time, you must pay a new one.



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